I am a Mississippi native and a recent graduate at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in News Editorial Journalism in May 2015. Currently, I am employed by WDAM TV in Hattiesburg, MS as a Web Producer, a position that I have held since August 2014. To view my full resume, please click here.

Many have asked why I have chosen a career in journalism, and my response has always been the same: without the media, there is no understanding, and without understanding, we have nothing. Journalism has been a large influence on my life, so I understand the importance of honesty and truth in reporting.  Throughout this website you will find various examples of my professional work that exemplify the integrity that I will uphold through the remainder of my career in media.

As a current member of a media organization, I understand the importance of integrity in all facets of life. I believe in the integrity of hard work, honesty and passion, and I retain these qualities in my personal life as well as my professional one. I continue to uphold the creed of a journalist, promoting ethical reporting about newsworthy matters, and accepting the ridicule that can come with controversial topics. In Investigation: Hattiesburg taxpayers fun liquor, jewelry, and gifts I worked with an investigation team to decipher documents and uncover officials misspending taxpayers money. This was a difficult article to write because the main official is a well known member of the community and many people did not agree with our Media organization running the story because of his popularity. However, in order to uphold the creed of ethics of a journalist, I felt the story needed to be aired, and the residents of the City of Hattiesburg and the surrounding Pine Belt areas had a right to know where over $4 million of their money was going each year.

My current goals are to continue to work with an investigative team to unearth mistruths in the local government agencies and nonprofit organizations. My future goals consist of working with a company that challenges my abilities, enhances my skills, and gives me the ability to deliver information to the communities in the local, national and international areas so that they can be well informed of their surrounding from a non-biased source.


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